Natural Therm Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Natural-Therm® 0.50 PCF is a 100% water blown, two-component, semi-rigid spray polyurethane open cell foam insulation with a nominal 0.50 PCF in place density.

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Product Description

Natural-Therm® 0.5 PCF has been tested and complies with the International Code Council’s AC377 standard and certified by GreenGuard for its non-emissive low VOC technology. This product provides superior energy efficiency and air infiltration control as a high performance building envelope insulation system. Natural-Therm® 0.5 PCF offers a self-adhering, seamless insulation that can be used in many areas of the building envelope, including, open wall cavities, crawlspaces, perimeter rim joists, cathedral ceilings and garage ceilings.

NaturalTherm Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation Product Sheet