Atlas Energyshield

Atlas EnergyShield® rigid insulation is a closed cell polyisocyanurate (polyiso) foam core, faced with a reflective foil facer on the front and a non-reflective, red acrylic-coated facer on the back

Product Description

Atlas EnergyShield® combines high R-value, durable foil facers, and water resistive attributes in a high performance rigid insulation board. EnergyShield® is suitable for a variety of continuous insulation (CI) applications. Panel sizes are 4′ by 8′ or 4′ by 9′. Panels can be supplied in nominal 16″ or 24″ widths for use in cavity wall applications.

Atlas EnergyShield DataSheet

Atlas EnergyShield SDS

PIMA Continuous Insulation Using Polyiso Wall Sheathing