Pecora Dynatred Elastomeric Sealant

Dynatred® is a two-part, chemically-curing, cold-applied elastomeric sealant with the effectiveness of self leveling, traffic-grade sealants and the versatility of a non-sag material.

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Product Description

Dynatred® has a designed Shore A Hardness of 40 . Because of this medium firmness and abrasion resistance, it is excellent for sealing joints in treads and risers, V-joints, control and expansion joints in parking decks and ramps, walkways, stadiums, industrial warehouse floors and other areas subject to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. As it is not a selfleveling sealant, Dynatred® is the choice for sealing horizontal joints where the slope may exceed five percent.

Pecora DynaTred Elastomeric Sealant Data Sheet