Todol EZ-Flo 705

EZ FLO 205 is a low pressure two-component E84 polyurethane foam system that utilizes a non-flammable blowing agent.

Product Description

EZ FLO 205 has been specifically formulated for flame retardancy and conforms to the requirements of ASTM E84 as a “Class 2 (B) system (flame spread of 25 or less, smoke development of 450 or less). The foam helps to lower heating and cooling costs by drastically reducing energy consumption. EZ FLO 205 is specifically designed to spray onto flat or irregular surfaces and to fill large cavities where flame retardant requirements specify E84 Class 2 (B) Spray Foam. Spray foam onto any clean, dry surface in any direction. Fill and seal various size voids to insulate, deaden sound, and reduce vibrations.

Todol EZ Flo 205 & 605, Two Part Spray Foam Insulation System Data Sheet