Sterling Building Materials distributes SpecSeal Firestop products as manufactured by Specified Technology. They make several types of firestop caulking, spray firestopping, putty, pillows and collars for p.v.c. pipe applications.


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SpecSeal Firestop

  • Series SSS Intumescent Sealant
  • Series LCI Intumescent Sealant
  • Series LC Latex Endothermic Sealant
  • Series PEN300 Silicone Sealant
  • Series PEN200 Silicone Foam
  • Series ES Elastomeric Sealant
  • Series SSP Firestop Putty and Putty Pads
  • Series SSM Firestop Mortar
  • Series SSB Firestop Pillows
  • Series SSC Intumescent Collars
  • Series LCC Intumescent Collars
  • Series SSWBLU Intumescent Wrap Strip
  • Series AS200 Elastomeric Spray
  • Series SNS Smoke ‘N’ Sound Sealant
  • Series CS Cable Spray
  • Series SSWRED Intumescent Wrap Strip
  • Series FW FyreWrap
  • Series EP Power Shield™ Electical Box Inserts

Firestop sealants

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